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Every month our jury will only award the best filmmakers through private screenings. There will be awards in several Main Categories, and every submitter can add Additional Categories to increase their probability to win. Every Winner of the Monthly Edition will receive our Official Certificate (digital format) ready for printing, will be listed on our web site and social networks and can upload their wins on IMDb. If you want to know how to upload your award, please have a look here.

There may be Honorable Mentions to those filmmakers or projects that haven’t wont their categories, but whose skills and quality deserve to be celebrated. All the Winners can receive the prestigious Golden Oniros trophy, by paying production cost and shipping cost.

Furthermore, “Monthly Edition Award Winners” will automatically enter the “Best of Year” competition as Annual Official Selections. Only the contestants that will enter the Annual Finals will be part of the Public Event that will take place in the beautiful Aosta, Italy, in August 2018, during which the results of the Best of Year competition will be revealed, and where Winners will have the opportunity to meet other talented filmmakers, producers, directors and actors. The Finalists of the Annual Competition and the Categories that will be part of the Annual Competition will be decided and revealed by the Jury after the last Monthly Edition of each Year. The first Oniros Film Awards Year goes from July 1st 2017 to June 26th 2018.


An IMDb Award Listing Qualifier



Best Comedy/Dark Comedy Film ● Best Adventure/Action Film ● Best Thriller/Mystery Film ● Best Fantasy/Sci-Fi Film ● Best Horror/Drama Film ● Best Historical/War Film ● Best Noir/Detective Film ● Best Western Film ● Best Romance/Musical Film ● Best Fan Film/Parody Film ● Best LGBTQ Film ● Best Biographical Film ● Best Nature/Ethnographic Film ● Best Inspirational Film ● Best Social Justice Film ● Best Sport Film ● Best Director ● Best 1st Time Director ● Best Young Director ● Best Producer ● Best 1st Time Producer ● Best Actor/Actress ● Best Supporting Actor/Actress ● Best Acting Ensemble ● Best Acting Debut ● Best Child Actor/Actress ● Best Young Actor/Actress ● Best Voice Over ● Best Stuntman ● Best Scenography ● Best Natural Scenography ● Best Costumes ● Best Visual Effects ● Best Cinematography ● Best Make-Up ● Best Prosthetic Make-Up ● Best Original Prop/Mock-Up ● Best Practical Effects ● Best Original Soundtrack ● Best Main Theme ● Best Song ● Best Sound Design ● Best Drone Video ● Best Fight Choreography ● Best Dance Choreography ● Best Editing ● Best Screenplay ● Best Poster


Drag the images to download the Laurels*. Only the Official Selections, Finalists, Winners and Honorable Mentions can use the Oniros Film Awards Laurels.

*(It is forbidden any not permitted use)