Your Oniros Interview

If you have been part of the Oniros Film Awards®, you may order a Unique professional customized written interview focusing on your film and career!

Your written interview will always be available on our Website (about 4000 visits per month) and will be sharable. Also, your interview will be promoted on our Social Media.

The written interviews are available to Film Directors, Producers, Actors or any other crew members wanting to share their story! We will include your trailer, some HQ stills from your film, backstage pictures and social media links for anyone out there wanting to reach out to you!

Share your Dreams, Share your Story!


After ordering your written interview, please send us an email with the following details:

1. The title of your film. 2. Your artistic Bio; our interviewer will use it to ask you about your life and career. 3. Some HQ stills from your film and some HQ backstage pictures. 4. Links to the trailer of your film and to all your social media you would like us to include in your written interview. 5. Receipt from PayPal. Thank you!

Your Oniros Interview: