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The Oniros Film Awards is a monthly and annual IMDb qualifying competition based in Aosta, Italy, which celebrates films from all around the world with awards in different categories and genres. The OFA allows filmmakers to submit their projects to get it judged by industry professionals and compete with other talented filmmakers. Our mission is to discover high quality and ambitious films, to promote filmmakers’ works and to help them realize their dreams. The Oniros Film Awards is all about Dreams (ὄνειρος = oneiros, Dream in Greek language), ours and yours. The Oniros Film Awards is conceived by Dreamers to Dreamers.

Dream Big, always!

An IMDb Award Listing Qualifier



Best Comedy/Dark Comedy Film ● Best Adventure/Action Film ● Best Thriller/Mystery Film ● Best Fantasy/Sci-Fi Film ● Best Horror/Drama Film ● Best Historical/War Film ● Best Noir/Detective Film ● Best Western Film ● Best Romance/Musical Film ● Best Fan Film/Parody Film ● Best LGBTQ Film ● Best Biographical Film ● Best Nature/Ethnographic Film ● Best Social Justice Film ● Best Sport Film ● Best Director ● Best 1st Time Director ● Best Producer ● Best 1st Time Producer ● Best Actor/Actress ● Best Supporting Actor/Actress ● Best Acting Ensemble ● Best Acting Debut ● Best Child/Young Actor/Actress ● Best Voice Over ● Best Stuntman ● Best Scenography ● Best Natural Scenography ● Best Costumes ● Best Visual Effects ● Best Cinematography ● Best Make-Up ● Best Prosthetic Make-Up ● Best Original Prop/Mock-Up ● Best Practical Effects ● Best Original Soundtrack ● Best Main Theme ● Best Song ● Best Sound Design ● Best Drone Video ● Best Fight Choreography ● Best Dance Choreography ● Best Editing ● Best Screenplay ● Best Poster


★★★★★ Oniros does something special, they make the filmmaker and their film feel completely appreciated. Our films have been in bigger and smaller festivals and Oniros has the best communication I have ever experienced. A friendly staff with great attitude and an appreciation for filmmakers. It was an honor to win best short and best horror film. We will be submitting more shorts to them in the future!

Mitchell Vincent Slan, Filmmaker/Director (USA)

★★★★★ From the start, the submission of our short film to the winning in the category Best B-Movie has been an amazing experience. Communication from the team at Oniros Film Awards has been great and as a filmmaker we really appreciate this. We certainly plan to submit our future films for competition, in this professionally organised Film Festival. Best wishes from the Abjection team.

Ian F. Hunt, Director of Photography (UK)

★★★★★ Fantastic film festival, excellent communication, beautiful presentations and very active on social media!

Debbie Sutcliffe, Actress (USA)

★★★★★ The Oniros is a really professionally run operation. They're prompt with notifications and replying to enquiries, but most importantly, they understand the true value of exposure for independent filmmakers and go to every effort to promote your film and get it out there and noticed! Is an innovation other competitions and festivals should take note of. Entering the Oniros is highly recommended!

John Rees, Filmmaker/Director (UK)

★★★★★ One of my favorite Festivals. Always good communication and vibe. Have submitted (and won) with several of my projects and will continue to do so in the future! Highly recommended for film makers of all calibers!

Xander Turian, Filmmaker/Actor (CZ)

★★★★★ From start to finish Oniros Film Awards have been amazing. Great communication, efficient, diverse and inclusive, and very professional. They are doing an amazing job supporting independent films. Its been an amazing experience! Thank you Oniros Film Awards!

Christina Gopal, Actress/Producer (USA)

★★★★★ This Festival is great! They are professional and fastest with the answers. I recommend it for all filmmakers!

Fabio Salvati, Filmmaker/Director (IT)

★★★★★ Great experience!! Very professionally and great communication! Thank you very much for such an amazing awards! See you soon on future projects!

Joaquin Braga, Filmmaker/3D Artist (AR)

★★★★★ Huge thanks to the Oniros Film Awards for the recognition and awards on 'The Legend of Ben Hall'. This is a fantastic (and affordable) platform for filmmakers to enter. The team behind Oniros are quick, responsive and very enthusiastic. Easiest film awards company I've ever dealt with! 5 stars from me!

Matthew Holmes, Filmmaker/Director (AU)

★★★★★ This festival is brilliantly run. Updates are amazing and they look after the film makers. Congratulations, we loved being a part of this.

Damian Overton, Filmmaker/Director (AU)

★★★★★ Oniros Film Awards is a great and trustworthy organization that I am so happy to have submitted to. They have the official IMDB seal of approval, which shows just how professional they are. They are very dedicated to what they do and Its very easy to see their passion for what they do. Thank you Oniros Film Awards!

Dustin Ardine, Actor (USA)

★★★★★ What an amazing experience! Great outreach by the festival and a great WIN that has led to a ton of exposure! Couldn't be more excited for the future of this Festival! It will be BIG

Bryce Hirschberg, Filmmaker/Actor (USA)

★★★★★ Ottima organizzazione e disponibilità assoluta in qualsiasi momento. Un ringraziamento a tutto lo staff e complimenti per la qualità che siete riusciti ad ottenere!!!

Tommaso Frangini, Filmmaker/Director (IT)

★★★★★ From myself and the entire Coffin Girls team we love Oniros Film Awards! They have been nothing but great to us and the communication has been phenomenal. On point with their social media, fantastic with notifications and announcements. A+ festival!

Matthew Vinaja, Filmmaker/Director (USA)

★★★★★ Brilliant festival that has brilliant communication to filmmakers! High recommended!

Seyed Mojtaba Hosseini, Filmmaker/Director (IR)

★★★★★ Amazing experience! Great festival and great WIN that has led to a ton of exposure!

Alessio Fracchia, Actor (IT)

★★★★★ I haven't had any other film festival reach out to me and show appreciation for our work and for submitting. You can bet that all of our future films will funnel through ONIROS FILM AWARDS ...keep up the good work

David Ford, Filmmaker/Director (USA)

★★★★★ "Only to recommend" film festival! Excellent and very fast in communication, really beautiful presentations and posters, active on social media, helping to promote filmmakers and their works, and, of course, they make us feel completely appreciated and it really inspires! Thank you, you are doing your job professionally and with love!

Angela Semenas, Filmmaker/Director (DE)

★★★★★ Oniros has a special place in my life. The appreciation they show to filmmakers and the way they encourage you to keep dreaming, is just great. Beside winning/losing trophies it was absolutely a great experience. Thank you all!

Mert Canatan, Producer (TR)

★★★★★ The Oniros Film Awards have proven to my team and I on the comedy-fantasy 'Filling In' to be one of the very best organized and communicative film fests we've ever had the honor of having a film of ours selected for. We especially appreciated the quick responses to any questions that we had, and the incredible job that they do with updating all of their social media platforms with class and style.

Bradley Hawkins, Filmmaker/Director (USA)