Jennifer Treur ★★★★★

Elena’s War Dance” (Documentary) – Director, AU

Thank you so much Oniros Film Awards for conducting such an exciting, professional and diligent Awards Festival. Your marketing and online presence is best of class. I was elated to be selected as a Finalist and Winner for Best War Film in the July monthly edition for ‘Elena’s War Dance’! Oniros Film Awards has got to be the best and most exciting Awards Festival you could enter. So honoured and amazed – this is such an outstanding state of the art event – really worth entering! Can’t thank you enough for the privilege of being part of something so unique!

Stefan Meylaers ★★★★★

The Four Loves” (Documentary) – Director, BE

It is a great experience to participate in this festival! There is a great commitment from the festival to give the participants maximum exposure. Communication is also very smooth. The website is up to date and looks very attractive. Recommended!

Kathy Smith ★★★★★

“Slippages | Grace” (Experimental Film) – Director, AU

I wish all festivals were run so well! This is a really organized communicative and effective festival. The marketing team are great and the concept of selecting the best works each month which are then submitted to the annual awards is a great way to curate a broad, contemporary and diverse amount of work. It was a pleasure to be in this festival award process and I am honored to receive an award. Thank you for your professionalism

Marek Kacer ★★★★★

A Red Currant Pie” (Short Film) – Director, SK

Great festival, we really enjoyed many high quality films and also beautiful city – Aosta! Fast and helpful communication. Definitely recommend to every filmmaker.

John Hopper ★★★★★

Paid in Full” (Short Film) – Director, AU

Worth the money. One of the fair few I constantly submit to everytime I create a film. Very professional and always communicates quickly and efficiently. 10/10

Armand Hamouth ★★★★★

Give + Take” (Short Film) – Director, CA

Extremely professional. Kind & caring. One feels like they sincerely care about independent filmmakers. I would recommend this film festival to all filmmakers. Take advantage of submitting to several categories to reward the people who work so hard on these projects. It’s worthwhile to get them notice from a respected Film Festival.

Matthieu Vinel ★★★★★

“Namibia” (Documentary) – Director, FR

I was pleased to see that my film “Namibia” was treated like all the other films presented, that the Oniros team took the time to watch it despite the amateur context in which it was made (budget of 2400 $). I also appreciated the follow-up and the quality of the exchanges I had with the team. “Namibia” won 2 awards at the Oniros festival and I’m delighted about it. Thank you to the festival team and congratulations for your energy and enthusiasm!

Gino Pinetti   ★★★★★

“The Circus” (Documentary) – Director, IT

Oniros Film Awards is one of the most beautiful and professional festivals you can find. Organization, extraordinary reception and high quality film in competition. Proudly our documentary “The Circus” has been awarded in this awesome Film Festival. Thank you for the emotions you gave us. Highly recommended

Daniels Yoffe ★★★★★

“En Garde!” (Short Film) – Director, LTU

Such a great experience to be showcased in ONIROS FILM AWARDS. Highly recommend to every filmmaker, especially independent. Very good communication, attention to detail, highly professional team. The ability to enter many film genres and subcategories is the key point, in addition to social media promotions, IMDb mentions and certificates – all this leads to success and helps promote your film. 5 Starts out of 5! Grazie mile!

Vigil Bose ★★★★★

“Fall” (Short Film) – Director, USA

This is one of the best ever festivals that we have submitted our film. Communication was top notch and it rivals the ones that have been around for many years. We just love it. Website, social media presence are all second to none. we are confident that Oniros will become one of the academy qualifying festivals.

Arnaldo Gabrini ★★★★★

“ReLife” (Web Series) – Director, IT

Congratulation to all the staff that makes the festival very organized, fast, accurate and professional. Thanks to all of you.

Vikneshwaran Silva ★★★★★

“The Puppeteer” (Student Film) – Director, SG

Just the look of it seems like an oscar event. A festival that is on point with its promises and is very organised. It’s been a pleasure and am honoured to be a monthly category winner in a prestigious event among so many quality films.

Anna Terenteva ★★★★★

“Taste of Night” (Music Video) – Assistant Director, RU

One of the best film festivals if not the best we participated till now. Level of presentation of submitted films is extraordinary. They have wonderful site promoting submitted films. Social media is definitely working well with a frequent updates. There are several levels that define choice and they are always in time. You never have to worry if your film was received or else every step is shown through Facebook. Thus it is possible see posters of all submitted films and see your competitors from the beginning. The site is definitely positive and informative. If there are any questions or doubts it is always possible to ask organizators and have your answer in several minutes. We did not yet had the possibilities to be present at live screenings but seeing such an organizational level in everyday life we are sure it should be top level. The festival is definitely worth the entrance fee. We will for sure submit again.

Bijan Daryani ★★★★★

“The Actor” (Feature Film) – Director, USA

It was an honor and pleasure being apart of the monthly edition festival and winning Best Dark Comedy for “The Actor”. I highly recommend submitting and look forward to future endeavors and meeting other filmmakers who were apart of this experience.

Chase Michael Pallante ★★★★★

“Defarious” (Short Film) – Director, USA

Great communication and a pleasure to be a part of. The festival is professional, courteous and complementary. I would recommend anyone to submit to their festival and be a part of a great family. Thank you again for selecting our film and we look forward to having more of our films in the festival in the future!

Marsha Amato ★★★★★

“The Reprogramming of Jeremy” (Docu-Drama) – Actress, USA

For a first time film director (Gail Springer Wagner) and many of the cast myself included in The Reprogramming of Jeremy it is a great honor and a wonderful experience to be recognized.

Guillaume Enard ★★★★★

“Par le Sang” (Short Film) – Director, FR

Communication, film selection, presentation and announcement, Oniros Team is doing a great job with every detail ! Glad and honored to have been part of this first year adventure! Three thumbs up!

Martin Simpson ★★★★★

“Indigo Lake” (Feature Film) – Director/Writer, AU

It’s been a wonderful experience being part of the Oniros Film Awards. As a festival recognising excellence in filmmaking, it’s clear that their jury is experienced and perceptive, from the quality of entries they choose to celebrate independent film. Their administrative and communications skills are first class and reflect their care for filmmakers and the creative process of film. Looking for excellence in film festivals? You will find it at Oniros.

James L. Perry ★★★★★

“The Cursed Man” (Feature Film) – Director/Producer, USA

What a great honor to be nominated as a Finalist in 7 categories for THE CURSED MAN. I can’t say enough good things about the Oniros Film Awards. It’s a great excuse to head for the Italian Alps to enjoy the festival screening. Grazie.

Alberto Martín-Aragón ★★★★★

“Rotation” (Experimental Film) – Director/Producer, ES

It is a pleasure for the senses and for the mind to be part of the Oniros Film Awards. Wonderful website. Excellent communication from David and his team. And love and respect for very varied conceptions of cinematographic language. If you consider yourself a talented, independent and daring filmmaker with something authentic to offer, you should submit your work in this festival. You will be understood..

Tony Schweikle ★★★★★

“The Hybrids Family” (Feature Film) – Writer/Producer, USA

Everyone connected to our film, “The Hybrids Family”, is honored to be a part of your festival. All are looking forward to attend the festival in August.

Michael Boston ★★★★★

“The Guitar” (Short Film) – Director/Actor, USA

Very proud to have been a part of Oniros… not once but twice! A newer… but one wouldn’t know it… festival that oozes with professionalism and respect for filmmakers. Love the categories, the graphics and the attention to detail. David and his staff also prioritize to the communication aspect as well and this is admired. Congrats to them. Onward Oniros!

Max Tornello ★★★★★

“I Hate Ice-Cream” (Short Film) – Actor, AU

They are on top on their game. Very professional and prompt with communication across the board. Their whole social media, marketing, website, you name it, they are a wonderful bunch. Wholesome festival to enter to, I highly recommend them to any filmmaker. I can’t wait to enter my new films with them.

Alessandro Paolinelli ★★★★★

Native Spirit” (Music Video) – Producer, IT

Oniros is an amazing festival: perfect organization, excellent programming and great hospitality! Our team is honored to have ‘Native Spirit’ part of Best of the Year awards in Aosta.

Giuseppe Violano ★★★★★

“Bukowski” (Web Series) – Director/Producer, IT

Grande professionalità, disponibilità e organizzazione. Complimenti a tutto lo staff sempre presente in ogni situazione.

Silvio Cantoro ★★★★★

“La Bicicletta” (Experimental Film) – Director/Producer, IT

ONIROS FILM AWARDS knows how to take care of our dreams.

Shamila Lengsfeld ★★★★★

“Blake” (Series Pilot) – Director, DE

One of the best Festival we was selected. Communication excellent and its really about the passion of moviemaking! Thank you and keep on the good work!

Gerard Flores ★★★★★

“Just Living” (Web-Series) – Director, USA

Such a great festival!! Very well organized!! Highly recommended!

Valentina Casadei ★★★★★

“Nos Jours Bénis” (Student Film) – Director, FR

I’m glad to have had the chance to be accepted in this film festival. It’s very well organized and the program is very creative and polyhedric, giving the opportunity to new directors to explore the real dynamics of film festivals, in general!

I recommend all the filmmakers to submit their film in this film festival.

Bob Celli ★★★★★

“Brooklyn In July” (Short Film) – Director/Producer, USA

This may be a first year festival and competition, but you would never know it. Communication is so on point that it rivals festivals that have been around for years. Social media presentation and website are incredible. I whole heartedly recommend this festival for all filmmakers. The overall experience was wonderful. David and his staff get it right and celebrate the art of film making.

Darren W. Conrad ★★★★★

“A Slight Indiscretion” (Short Film) – Writer/Producer, USA

A very professional and classy film festival!!!!!! 5 STARS ALL THE WAY!!!!! 

Riccardo Bernasconi ★★★★★

“Hitler’s Balls” (B-Movie) – Producer, IT

One of the best experiences so far: inspiring films, excellent organization and very good style & communication. Highly recommended! Thanks guys for having our short film in competition 😉

D.J. Rivera ★★★★★

“Torrent” (Feature Film) – Director/Producer, USA

As someone who has been familiar with the indie Festival circuit for 4 years now, I can say with the utmost confidence the Oniros Film Awards is a Top Tier festival. Communication is on point, there presentation through their social media and website are next level, and their overall experience is the stuff of Legends. I highly recommend submitting to this festival, as we aren’t far from Oniros being a household name just like the Oscars or Golden Globes.

Waner Biazus ★★★★★

“Ego Sum!” (Short Film) – Director/Producer, BR

It was a great honor to be part of the Oniros Film Awards, one of the coolest festivals that I participated in!

Bartek Podkowa ★★★★★

“ITCH” (Short Film) – Director/Producer, UK

Oniros was not only one of the first festivals I had my work accepted into, but also one of the first ones to present me with an award. As such, I will always remember it fondly. David has done a great job running the festival, ensuring high quality every month, and presenting all the filmmakers’ work in a way that makes us feel appreciated and a part of something bigger. I hope Oniros Film Awards keeps growing, and I’m looking forward to submitting future projects to it!

Xavier Guignard ★★★★★

“Little Thief” (Short Film) – Director/Producer, FR

A wonderful festival run by passionate film enthusiasts! It was a great honour to win a Oniros Film Awards.

Frank Aron Gårdsø ★★★★★

“Thanks For Everything” (Short Film) – Director/Producer, NO

Very happy to be a part of the Oniros Film Award. Very honoured to receive an award for our short. Highly recommend for other film-makers out there who wish for their films and their work to be seen and valued on a professional scale.

Alexis Chaviaras ★★★★★

“Agrinoui” (Animation) – Director/3d Artist, GR

The Oniros Awards is a great place for filmmakers to be recognised not only for having created a splendid film. Exceptional pieces will stand out in a number of special genres such as “Musical Film” and additionally, specific areas such as “Fight choreography”.

Maude Davy-Zeller ★★★★★

“Évadés Du Temps” (TV Pilot Episode) – Director/Producer, FR

Very nice festival and people! We’re glad to be a part of your selection. Thank you for your support and may the festival have a long life! 

Gideon Van Eeden ★★★★★

“Day of Reckoning” (Short Film) – Director, ND

Excellent service all round. A lot of good will from these folks. Quick, clear, friendly and helpful communication. Honoured to have been nominated and even won some silverware. Very happy, will definitely submit future projects.

James Wiley ★★★★★

“Disssension” (Experimental Film) – Director, USA

Filmmakers around the globe, I wholeheartedly recommend your participation in the Oniros Film Awards! A spirit of supportive fellowship awaits you from curators who show immense appreciation of the nuances involved in various genres of film. Professionalism permeates every aspect of their process – from thoroughly attentive communications to the refined quality of every design element of the Oniros brand. I appreciated this experience tremendously and look forward to future involvement.

Ryan Davey ★★★★★

“Compulsion” (Short Film) – Director, AU

Oniros really understands the true value of independent filmmaking, and go out of their way to help your film get noticed. A big thank you for selecting our short film ‘Compulsion’, and we’ll definitely be submitting more short films to you in the future!

Jimmy Boutry ★★★★★

“Rendez-Vous” (Short Film) – Cinematographer/Director, FR

Oniros is a wonderful festival with very good communication! I will definitely submit my next projects and I strongly recommend everyone to do the same!

Krishna Ribeiro  ★★★★★

“Brian For Hire” (Web-Series) – Writer/Director, USA

My web series has been fortunate enough to be involved with quite a few festivals. Oniros is hands down one of the best. Such a professional presentation and amazing communication. I will definitely submit with my next film.

Jordan Inconstant   ★★★★★

“The Old-Men” (Short Film) – Director/Producer, FR

Une tres bonne communication avec les réalisateurs. Ce fut un plaisir de rencontrer l’équipe qui gère le festival, le tout dans la convivialité et la bonne humeur. J’ai eu la chance d’assister a la première édition et je n’ai aucun doute que ce festival deviendra prochainement un rendez vous incontournable en Italie. THANKS ONIROS

Matthew Holmes   ★★★★★

“The Legend of Ben Hall” (Feature Film) – Director/Producer, AU

Huge thanks to the Oniros Film Awards for the recognition and awards on “The Legend of Ben Hall”. This is a fantastic (and affordable) platform for filmmakers to enter. The team behind Oniros are quick, responsive and very enthusiastic. Easiest film awards company I’ve ever dealt with! 5 stars from me!

Mert Canatan   ★★★★★

“Mama” (Short Film) – Producer, TR

Oniros has a special place in my life. The appreciation they show to filmmakers and the way they encourage you to keep dreaming, is just great. Beside winning/losing trophies it was absolutely a great experience. Thank you all!

Christina Gopal   ★★★★★

“Diva’s Perfect Posse” (Web-Series) – Actress/Producer, USA

From start to finish Oniros Film Awards have been amazing. Great communication, efficient, diverse and inclusive, and very professional. They are doing an amazing job supporting independent films. Its been an amazing experience! Thank you Oniros Film Awards!

Damian Overton   ★★★★★

“Shiver” (Short Film) – Director/Producer, AU

This festival is brilliantly run. Updates are amazing and they look after the film makers. Congratulations, we loved being a part of this.

Bradley Hawkins   ★★★★★

“Filling In” (Series Pilot) – Director, USA

The Oniros Film Awards have proven to my team and I on the comedy-fantasy ‘Filling In’ to be one of the very best organized and communicative film fests we’ve ever had the honor of having a film of ours selected for. We especially appreciated the quick responses to any questions that we had, and the incredible job that they do with updating all of their social media platforms with class and style. The laurels that OFA provides at every level (official selection, finalist, and winner) for the selected films are all first rate, and the variety of formats provided of the laurels made it super easy for us to quickly use them on our production stills and graphics created for ‘Filling In’ on our own social media platforms. I also love how this fest sticks to its notification dates and announcements at every step of the way. This is especially impressive when one takes into consideration that they are handling 12 major categories and several additional categories each and every month! We were so very honored to have ‘Filling In’ declared by OFA as the Best Series Pilot and Best Comedy for July of 2017, and I look forward to submitting other films and projects to OFA again in the near future.

Dustin Ardine   ★★★★★

“The Red Oak” (Short Film) – Actor, USA

Oniros Film Awards is a great and trustworthy organization that I am so happy to have submitted to. They have the official IMDB seal of approval, which shows just how professional they are. I plan to submit all my future projects to them and I would encourage all filmmakers to submit their projects to Oniros Film Awards. They are very dedicated to what they do and Its very easy to see their passion for what they do. The great thing about an organization like this is that it gives a voice and outlet to filmmakers, actors, actresses, etc, to showcase there talent and have all there hard work seen, evaluated, and appreciated. Thank you Oniros Film Awards!

David Ford   ★★★★★

“Something in the Woods” (B-Movie) – Director, USA

I haven’t had any other film festival reach out to me and show appreciation for our work and for submitting. You can bet that all of our future films will funnel through ONIROS FILM AWARDS …keep up the good work

Seyed Mojtaba Hosseini   ★★★★★

“Panj 5” (Experimental Film) – Director, IR

Brilliant festival that has brilliant communication to filmmakers! High recommended!

Debbie Sutcliffe   ★★★★★

“South of Swan Creek” (Short Film) – Actress, USA

Fantastic film festival, excellent communication, beautiful presentations and very active on social media!

Xander Turian   ★★★★★

“Calm Seas Don’t Make Good Sailors” (Music Video) – Actor/Singer, SE

One of my favorite Festivals. Always good communication and vibe. Have submitted (and won) with several of my projects and will continue to do so in the future! Highly recommended for film makers of all calibers!

Ian F. Hunt   ★★★★★

“Abjection” (B-Movie) – Director of Photography, UK

From the start, the submission of our short film to the winning in the category Best B-Movie has been an amazing experience. Communication from the team at Oniros Film Awards has been great and as a filmmaker we really appreciate this. We certainly plan to submit our future films for competition, in this professionally organized Film Festival. Best wishes from the Abjection team.

Eleanor Paish  ★★★★★

“Tainted Love” (Documentary) – Director, UK

Great communication from Kim at Oniros, from helping me choose what categories my film was best suited for, to answering lots of other questions after selection from this first time filmmaker!

Bryce Hirschberg   ★★★★★

“Counterfeiters” (Feature Film) – Actor/Director, USA

What an amazing experience! Great outreach by the festival and a great WIN that has led to a ton of exposure! Couldn’t be more excited for the future of this Festival! It will be BIG

Fabio Salvati   ★★★★★

“The Great Journey” (Short Film) – Director, IT

This Festival is great! They are professional and fastest with the answers. I recommend it for all filmmakers!

John Rees   ★★★★★

“Goldfish” (Short Film) – Director, UK

The Oniros is a really professionally run operation. They’re prompt with notifications and replying to enquiries, but most importantly, they understand the true value of exposure for independent filmmakers and go to every effort to promote your film and get it out there and noticed! For all this, you pay a very reasonable price for submission, and the option to be nominated in additional categories – increasing your opportunity for success – is an innovation other competitions and festivals should take note of. Entering the Oniros is highly recommended!